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  1. Andy – I want to thank you for your comments on Ed Hird’s blog concerning Yoga and that the poses are nothing more than physical movement outside of any meanings attached culturally. I’ve gone round and round with him on another forum and got the witness to simply dust off my feet. He obviously had the issue of worshiping what he was practicing when he studied a martial art, rather than just being a practitioner with understanding, and the Lord had to get very stern with him in order for him to stop. I felt it was casting pearls before swine to keep arguing with him – it was a futile and useless endeavor.

    Sadly, many in the Church are very bound up in this kind of legalism and do not realize that we, in the Body of Christ, have the power through the Holy Spirit to reclaim these things – to divest them of their pagan trappings and restore them to God’s intended purpose. Just like we no longer have meat sacrificed to idols being sold in our local markets, if we were to approach these things as Paul did and enjoined the entire Church to do – there would be no conflict in a few short generations, because the former context would be nullified in the proper context.

    In all things we are to be discerning. I practice martial arts (American Karate System, started by Ed Leib in the 1970’s, based on Korean Chidokwan). Most of my instructors are Christians and I can tell you now that Kata is just shadow boxing, not ritual. HOWEVER, I did, at one point, take a Tai Chi class and had to stop going because the instructor was very sold out to “we are the universal mind” mumbo-jumbo. We were encouraged to connect to the universe and become the universe … /rolleyes. I LOVED the exercises, I hated the philosophy being packaged with them because it was a huge spiritual distraction.

    Anyway, I wanted to encourage you that your words did not entirely fall on deaf ears. Thank you for standing in the gap there.

    God Bless,

  2. Hey, thanks Mik! I really appreciate the positive response. Yeah, I was kinda feeling as if my arguments were falling on deaf ears. Glad to know they weren’t! What bothers me about the yoga issue isn’t that I have some personal need to defend it; I’ve never done yoga and have no interest in doing so. What bothers me is the lack of discernment this issue demonstrates; if Christians cannot discern between right and wrong with regard to yoga – then where else are they likewise failing to discern…?

    God bless you,

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